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Guide to Inverness

Inverness is widely regarded as the capital of the Highlands, It is the largest city in the far north of Scotland and a gateway to many of the country's most famous attractions, including Loch Ness and Glencoe. Inverness town became a city as part of the millennium celebrations in 2000, and it serves as a hub of shopping, entertainment and culture for people living in small highland towns and villages for miles around.

Getting to Inverness

Inverness is served by regular train services from Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. Trains from the Central Belt take between three and four hours to reach the city and services from Aberdeen take just over two hours. For visitors coming from further afield then Inverness Airport, which offers regular domestic connections to Manchester, Bristol and London is a great option.

Staying in Inverness

Inverness city centre is served by a number of hotels, many from international chains. Further out of town, there is a diverse range of lodging opportunities, including cottages for rent. There is also a range of campsites which are perfect for tourists doing a tour of the highlands with their own caravan.

Things to Do in Inverness

For many people, Inverness is only a stopover on the way to one of the highland's many natural wonders, but there is plenty to do in the city itself. Some of the best restaurants in the area are situated in and around the city. It's also an excellent opportunity for visitors to stock up on some favourites and essentials before they hit the road as shops can become few and far between further north.

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